Summer Travel Tips for Seniors

If you’re in perfectly good health, you probably don’t have much to worry about when it comes to hopping on a plane for a summer vacation destination. But if age has brought a few ailments and restrictions your ...

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Developing Alzheimer’s From Eating Junk Food?

Old news: junk food is bad for your body and your health.

The latest news: Eating junk food could lead to Alzheimer’s.

A recent New York Times article by Mark Bittman (author of the popular book, Food Matters) warns ...

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Apps for Caregivers: An Updated “Virtual Assistance” List

Last February, Elizabeth Thielke highlighted 5 iPhone apps useful to caregivers in this post. This spring, she covered caregiving apps specifically available to iPad users too; check them out here.

Given how quickly things change when it comes to the techno ...

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Meet Jerry Mathers: The Boomer Behind “Beaver” Cleaver

“Gee, Dad, I have enough trouble keeping myself good without keeping all the other kids good.” – Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver

[caption id="attachment_6920" align="alignright" width="231" caption="Photo courtesy of Jerry Mathers"][/caption]

If you loved watching the Cleavers, join the ...

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Chronic Illness and Disaster Preparedness

Hurricane Ike just bore down on the Texas coast and the news of the aftermath reminds us of the importance of having a family plan in place to prepare for disaster.

If you have a chronically ill or an elderly family member in your home you need to take some special precautions. For example, those with chronic illnesses such as diabetes need to pay special attention to what they would ...

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