Choosing Assisted Living This Year?

A new year begins today. For many, this fresh start is promising, hopeful, exciting, like you’re standing on the edge of something never seen or done before. Others may be perplexed, anxious, fearful about the changes you foresee -- ...

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Take Time to Make the Right Senior Care Decision

“It is more important to know where you are going than to get there quickly.” This quote from Mabel Newcomber is one in a collection of sage advice for caregivers from, and it’s apt for any families ...

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Can Assisted Living and Hospice Work Together?

The latest article from The New York Times New Old Age blog explores the ins and outs of this question. Author Judith Graham offers tips for preventing the conflicts that may naturally arise when hospice care services are brought into ...

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Why to Make a New Year’s Resolution About Senior Living Now

The holidays are upon us. With Thanksgiving just a little over a week away, the frantic pace of the holiday season begins.

Many people will be traveling to visit senior parents and relatives over the coming weeks, and many of ...

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How Do You Know When a Senior Needs Care?

You’ve seen the signs. You know your father needs support to manage his health care needs. You know your grandmother would enjoy a better quality of life with some help.

Sometimes, the signs are not as clear. Mom has ...

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Preparing for Senior Care Conversations During the Holidays: Part 2

Yesterday's post offered advice on considering assisted living options -- or at least starting the conversation about it -- during the upcoming holiday season. Not sure where or how to begin? Consider these helpful tips:

Approach the subject with sensitivity ...

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Dealing with Guilt Over a Care Transition or Decision

Taking the car keys away: it’s the moment every family caregiver and senior driver dreads, along with making a decision about an assisted living move, or a discussion about end-of-life wishes.

In some rare cases, family members are in ...

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Survival Tips: Senior Care Decisions and Stepfamilies

Senior care decisions are rarely black and white. Few families sit down to discuss what to do after Mom’s debilitating stroke, or how to approach Dad’s dementia, and say, “Let’s go with home care for now, and ...

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How Grandchildren Can Help With a Senior Care Transition

Grandchildren are often overlooked when their parents are discussing how to care for their parents. Wanting to protect their children from the pain of watching their grandparents’ decline, some adults may even push the kids aside.

However, most grandchildren who ...

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Independent Living or Assisted Living: Which Is Best?

These two senior living settings share a lot in common: meal plans, private apartments, social events and regularly scheduled activities, access to some health care services, transportation, housekeeping and laundry services, use of community facilities (such as a pool, garden, ...

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