Caregiver Corps: One Possible Solution to a Complex Problem

Earlier this year during an #ElderCareChat conversation about the future of caregiving, an idea was born. Janice Lynch Schuster, who proposed it, has taken her vision to the next level, sharing it with influential media networks, publications and audiences, particularly ...

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What You Should Know About the Alzheimer’s Care Crisis

A $215 billion dollar price tag, annually: that’s the financial impact of Alzheimer’s care in this country, according to this new study from the RAND Corporation.

The staggering amount represents the cumulative cost of providing care for someone with ...

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Making a Senior Care Decision — In a Minute

“I recommend you take care of the minutes and the hours will take care of themselves.” These words from the Earl of Chesterfield (shared in this collection of quotes for caregivers) are appropriate for those caring for a ...

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#ElderCareChat to Cover Holiday Stress

Like it or not, the holidays are coming, and so is the stress.

For families and individuals also in the midst of a caregiving crisis or senior care decision-making process, that stress is magnified.

No matter how or if you ...

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TEDMED 2013: Open Discussion on the Caregiver Crisis

TEDMED is an extension of the well-known TED site, where you can listen to TED Talks and engage in a number of ways (via their conversations, initiatives, events and more) around “ideas worth spreading.” One of their national conferences, TEDMED2013, ...

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Searching for Assisted Living When Time Is of the Essence

That dreaded phone call in the middle of the night. A subsequent trip to the ER. Long hours of worrying and wondering in the waiting room. When a medical crisis hits, families are often forced into a quick decision about ...

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The Facts About Women, Alzheimer’s and Caregiving

A new report from the Working Mother Research Institute says that a striking two-thirds of Alzheimer’s caregivers are women.

In Women and Alzheimer’s Disease: The Caregiver’s Crisis (access the report here), important statistics about the where, when, ...

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Caregiver Readiness: Documents to Keep on Hand

If you are a caregiver, are you ready for that midnight phone call?

Many baby boomers are caring on some level for an aging parent, yet they are not prepared for crisis situations that may arise.

A recent article in ...

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States Scramble as Cuts in Medicaid Continue

Medicare and Medicaid are hitting headlines across the nation as Congress considers spending cuts and payment reductions to these essential programs. As the first wave of boomers becomes eligible for Medicare this year, and a rising number of individuals of ...

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