Beware of Tech Support Scams

Seniors are a favorite target for scammers and fraud, but we can fall prey at any age. People are repeatedly warned about offers that sound too good to be true or giving out personal information, such as credit card numbers to strangers. Even as we’ve become more vigilant about scams and frauds, criminals invent new ways to con us. One reason a scam is so successful is it’s ...

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Is an iPad Good for Your Eyes?

For a long time, I have been convinced that holding a book in my hands is superior to scrolling through an e-book on a tablet. Not only do I prefer the weight of a book in my hands and the ...

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Getting Online in Senior Living: Who’s Doing It?

If you think your grandparents or senior relatives don’t know the difference between Facebook and Twitter, you’re wrong. According to an April 2012 study from the Pew Research Center (based on telephone interviews conducted by Princeton Survey Research Associates ...

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Students Bridging Technology Gap in Senior Living

Do you remember the first time you successfully sent and received an email message?

Several PCs, laptops, BlackBerrys, iPhones and iPads later, probably not. Technology has advanced tremendously in the last decade, with most of us blazing through computers and ...

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Computer Safety in Senior Living Communities

Bruce and Esther Huffman never expected world-wide-web fame after their video went viral earlier this fall.

The Huffmans, who reside in an Oregon retirement community, were simply trying to figure out how to use their new webcam, to oblige their ...

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Image is Everything: Seniors in Stock Photos

This recent slideshow from the Huffington Post is brilliant. Titled “This Week in Ridiculous Stock Photos: Old People Using Computers”, writer Katla McGlynn presents 10 ridiculous photos of elders using a computer. Each photo is tagged with sharp, witty captions that are the perfect complement to these seriously corny shots – and asks readers to vote for their favorite. McGlynn  warns hyper-sensitive readers not to take this presentation out of context; she ...

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There’s An App for the Email-Challenged

Even in the new technology reality of Twitter, LinkedIn, and "there's an app for that," many seniors (or boomers like my darling mother-in-law, God bless her) are still trying to figure out email. If you find yourself in that category, and your children and grandchildren have been pestering you for months to email them, check out PawPaw Mail.

This modestly priced service (an annual subscription sets you back a mere $50), ...

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