Cultural Sensitivity in Senior Living: It Matters

Sometimes a language barrier prevents caregivers from accessing vital resources. Sometimes a cultural difference prevents patients from getting appropriate care. Sometimes a communication breakdown is less of a personality clash and more a lack of sensitivity.

A recent article from ...

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5 Tips for Memorable Thanksgiving Conversations

Turkey and stuffing is delicious, and so is pumpkin pie... but Thanksgiving is about so much more than what’s to eat.

Inspired by these Thanksgiving communication survival tips from (click the link for practical advice on dealing ...

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Finding New Ways to Communicate in Assisted Living, Alzheimer’s Care

Different types of dementia, Alzheimer’s, a stroke, a brain injury: these all have an impact on a person’s ability to communicate, making conversation with others extremely difficult. As time is often limited for assisted living staff who provide ...

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Supporting Male Caregivers: A Chat with CareScout’s Bob Bua and Liz Boardman

No matter how much we may fight against it, men and women are different. Of course, these differences should not affect our understanding of equality (in terms of opportunities), and there are always exceptions to the rule. Maybe you’re ...

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Improving Communication Between Senior Living Residents, Families and Staff

When a problem occurs, a breakdown in communication is usually to blame. In assisted living, the margin for miscommunication is wide, given the fact that several parties -- residents, families and staff -- are exchanging information at any given time. ...

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The Caregiving Wife: An Interview with Diana Denholm

[caption id="attachment_12416" align="alignright" width="244" caption="The author, Diana Denholm"][/caption]

I recently had the privilege of chatting with Diana Denholm, PhD, LMHC, an experienced psychotherapist, and author of The Caregiving Wife’s Handbook. I learned so much from ...

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Practical Tips for Living with Dementia

Today's guest post comes from Leann Reynolds. Reynolds is President of Homewatch CareGivers, an international home care provider, well-known for its development of Pathways to Memory — a specialized dementia care program. Follow her on Twitter at @hwcaregivers.

Dementia never stands ...

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What “American Pickers” Teaches Us About Talking to Seniors

My husband loves “American Pickers,” and it’s a show I don’t mind watching with him. His love of craftsmanship, antiques, history, and the thrill of discovering great finds are among the reasons he enjoys keeping up with it; ...

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The Complaint Department in Assisted Living

Every business, workplace, restaurant, and organization has one, whether official or informal. Though constructive criticism that is well-taken and put into action can lead to a company’s growth and success, sadly that type of communication (and subsequent follow-up) is ...

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Tips for Talking to Seniors in Care Settings

A previous post offered tips for visiting a senior loved one in assisted living/continuing care communities; these tips are focused on communication during that visit.

Often, when a senior family member or friend has transitioned to senior housing, a ...

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