How to Have Meaningful Visits in Assisted Living

A lull in the conversation, an awkward silence, a discussion about a subject that leaves the engaged at odds. All of us at one time or another have experienced the frustrations of strained communication, and it is especially challenging when ...

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Home Sweet Assisted Living Home

Great-grandfather’s trunk – check. Mother’s wedding quilt, Papa’s favorite lamp – check, check. The first piece of furniture you bought with your first paycheck – check. The best way to make your new assisted living apartment feel like home? Bring ...

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Study Finds Alzheimer’s Care Best in Small Assisted Living Homes

For the 80 million people affected by dementia around the globe, specialized care in smaller, more intimate settings is best, says a new study published in September’s Journal of Clinical Nursing.

Residents of two “group living units” (which were part ...

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