Stay Warm, Stay Well: Winter Safety Tips for Seniors

There aren’t too many people who love cold, wintry weather, but even snow bunnies and winter sports fans need to be vigilant about preserving their health during this infamous season. Much like the dangers of summer heat and humidity, ...

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As Temperatures Drop, Heated Blankets Are Essential for Seniors

Kaye Swain of SandwichINK recently wrote a guest post for the EldercareABC Blog on the importance of warm blankets for seniors in hospital settings. Swain writes about the world of difference a heated blanket (and later, a microfiber “sherpa” throw) ...

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Fight the Flu with Healthy Foods

It's peak cold/flu season, folks. I've commenced the season with nasal congestion, a sore throat, and a persistent cough and I just want it to go away.

The cold weather doesn't directly affect whether or not you will get a cold or the flu - it's more of a cause/effect relationship. Bacteria/viruses are the culprits, so if you're spending more time indoors with poor ventilation, the likely ...

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