Are You Addicted to Caffeine?

Many baby boomers, seniors, and others cut back or give up caffeine for health reasons. Studies have proven it interrupts sleep and negatively impacts our health in other ways. Caffeine is also addictive, so much so that it now has ...

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Weekend Visiting Ideas for Assisted Living

The work week is over. You’re looking forward to sleeping in, cooking breakfast instead of grabbing it to go, and actually drinking a hot cup of coffee.

Then you think: I should visit dad in assisted living.

Pretty soon, ...

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Coffee, Tea and Keeping a Routine in Assisted Living

A steaming hot cup of coffee or tea and the morning paper. A brisk walk. A few minutes of stretching and deep breathing. Letting the dog out. Everyone has their own routine, a unique way of starting the day. That ...

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Coffee, Tea and Me

One more cup of coffee for the road,
One more cup of coffee 'fore I go
To the valley below.
- Bob Dylan, "One More Cup of Coffee (Valley Below)"
It's been one of those months where the ideas just haven't been flowing the way they usually do for me. So, on the way to the market on a Saturday morning, I asked my husband to brainstorm with me. I ...

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Coffee, Beer and Prostate Cancer Prevention?

Some good news for coffee drinking men: Researchers have found a strong association between coffee consumption and a lowered risk of lethal and advanced prostate cancers:
The initial findings of the present study carried out by researchers from the Department of Epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health have established a connection between coffee and prostate cancer, which mostly affects men who are 60 or older.
Researchers analyzed coffee intake ...

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