Dad Moved to Assisted Living: Now What?

It’s Monday morning. Your taxes are filed. Your cup of coffee is still piping hot and the house is quiet and empty. Just a few weeks ago, Mondays were manic: you’d be up early to assist your father ...

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How to Make Dining a Better Experience for People with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s makes everything more difficult, including meal times. But a nursing home administrator found a way to change the dining experience for the good; her story is told in this blog post, Dementia dining: A model on the McKnight’...

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What Really Stresses Out Family Caregivers?

“Caregivers do what needs to be done, even when they don’t have a comfort level.” Do these words resonate with you? No matter who you are caring for, helping a loved one with intimate personal care tasks (like bathing, ...

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Keeping in Touch After an Assisted Living Move

Your mother just moved to assisted living. You know it’s important to visit, but you feel sad, even guilty, whenever you see her alone in the apartment. She seems to be adjusting fairly well, though she hasn’t met ...

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What Parents Want: Helping Mom and Dad Find Senior Housing

Your family has nominated you to find a senior living community for Mom and Dad, who have no interest in moving at all. (Read Starting a Conversation About Senior Care for help on bringing up the subject.)

Even though your ...

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Facing a Senior Living Move? Help from Emeritus Senior Living

Choosing a new place is tough enough, but when it comes to packing the boxes, hosting yard sales, and perhaps eventually staking a “FOR SALE” sign in the front yard, the reality of a senior living move truly sets in. ...

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Baby Boomers: The Transformation Nation

The Beatles. JFK. MLK. The Vietnam War. Color TV.

That was life in the 1950s and 60s, when today’s baby boomers were coming of age.

Punk. Watergate. The Brady Bunch. Disco. Cocaine.

Life in the 1970s – when boomers were ...

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Finding the Balance, Changing Eldercare

For eye-opening, thought-provoking pieces on aging and the huge spectrum of issues that this broad topic carries, check out Dr. Bill Thomas’ Changing Aging blog. Be prepared for tough questions with no easy answers – but also know that it’s a place where dialogue about these difficult scenarios is strongly encouraged.

I wandered over to Dr. Thomas’ blog in search of some fresh, stimulating material and was struck by his ...

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The Hospitalist: Care Management In House

Although there hasn’t been much breaking news on health care lately, the reform wheels are in motion and change is coming.

A major component of health care reform is reigning in the cost of avoidable readmissions, which currently eats a hefty $17.4 billion slice of the $102.6 billion Medicare pie (and affects one in five patients). Thus, under the new legislation, hospitals will incur penalties for readmissions, medical errors, and inefficient ...

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Transition Aging Parents: Tools of the Trade

Many congratulations to one of our most faithful followers, Dale Carter of, on her recently published book: "Transitioning Your Aging Parent: A 5 Step Guide Through Crisis & Change." Currently available here, the book will also be posted on Amazon in about 6-8 weeks. What an exciting accomplishment! 

Dale’s background is quite varied – she’s worked as a high school/college instructor, systems analyst/programmer, business intelligence manager, ...

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