#ElderCareChat 4/2/14: Legal Issues in Eldercare

During Wednesday’s live discussion, 55 new and returning participants dialogued about legal issues in eldercare. Joining the conversation to add his expert insights was featured guest Howard Krooks of Elder Law Associates PA, Esq., CELA, CAP, and the President of ...

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#ElderCareChat 2/5/14 Recap: Children as Caregivers

During Wednesday’s live discussion, 60 participants — many of them new — engaged in a vibrant conversation on a topic of growing importance: youth caregivers. An estimated 1.4 million children and teens in the US are currently providing care for a family member, and as the number of those needing care continues to rise, the numbers of child caregivers will too.

Caregiving isn’t an easy role at any age, but there are ...

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At Home, In Senior Living: Enjoying the Holidays

Many families are celebrating Christmas today, but some will be doing so with a heavy heart.

Caregivers for loved ones with Alzheimer's, mobility challenges, or other illnesses and disorders are likely worn out and in need of rest, but will ...

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Senior Living Trend Watch: Making Homes Meet Care Needs

Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Eldercare Trends was our theme for the last #ElderCareChat of 2013. A surge in multigenerational homes was a trend that participants viewed as a positive one, and this recent New York Times news article supported it. In ...

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The Gift of Adult Day Services

It may be one of the lesser known and most underutilized senior care services -- there are only 4,600 centers across the country and 260,000 participants served, per this MetLife Study -- but adult day care (or adult day services) is still ...

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How Caregivers Can Prepare for Holiday Stress

It’s inevitable, so instead of being overwhelmed by it, why not prepare for the holiday stress so you can overcome it?

Even if you’re not hosting family or friends at your home, the holidays are definitely a tough ...

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After a Death, Dealing with Downsizing

Losing a loved one is hard enough, but as you’re going through the grief process, you’re also forced to go through your family member’s “stuff.” Often a time limit may be imposed for this difficult undertaking, one ...

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Caregiver Corps: One Possible Solution to a Complex Problem

Earlier this year during an #ElderCareChat conversation about the future of caregiving, an idea was born. Janice Lynch Schuster, who proposed it, has taken her vision to the next level, sharing it with influential media networks, publications and audiences, particularly ...

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#ElderCareChat 8/7/13 Recap: Words of Wisdom About Growing Older & Caregiving

On Wednesday, 43 participants filled the #ElderCareChat tweet stream with wisdom and advice about life and caregiving, 140 characters at a time. Our live Twitter forum covered both the lessons we’ve learned through caregiving and the wise words we’ve heard ...

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Rapid Growth in Number of Adult Caregivers

With the notable population growth in the senior demographic, it’s no surprise that the number of adult caregivers attending to loved ones has grown significantly. But according to a recent post on Seniorhousingnews.com, the number has vastly increased – ...

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