Balancing a Career and Caring for a Senior

It’s Labor Day, a holiday established to observe the “social and economic achievements of American workers” (per the US Department of Labor website). If you’re a caregiver though, you are working today just as any other day, whether ...

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Aegis Living CEO Wants Young People to Work in Senior Living

Last week, Dwayne J. Clark touted the merits of a job in the senior living industry in his Huffington Post Business blog post: “The Senior Living Industry in Looking for a Few Good Young People.”

Clark, the founder and CEO ...

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Emeritus Senior Living CEO Inspired by Elders

“I wanted to work in health care management, so I took a job as a manager at a residential care facility for seniors in Los Angeles. I found my calling — I loved it.”

These are the words of Granger Cobb, ...

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Why Assisted Living Residents Want to Work

When you work, the bulk of your waking hours are devoted to that job. A career -- your vocation -- is so closely tied to identity and your sense of self, whether you enjoy the work or not. Men and ...

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Baby Boomers: The Transformation Nation

The Beatles. JFK. MLK. The Vietnam War. Color TV.

That was life in the 1950s and 60s, when today’s baby boomers were coming of age.

Punk. Watergate. The Brady Bunch. Disco. Cocaine.

Life in the 1970s – when boomers were ...

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Is Retirement Bad for Your Health?

It's a given that baby boomers are facing an uncertain future in terms of retirement. Thanks to the recent ups and downs in the market (with seemingly more downs), plans for retirement among baby boomers have likely changed accordingly; perhaps some are still figuring out just what that Plan B, C, or D looks like. Given this climate, some may consider the recent study in the October issue of the ...

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