Heart Health: Caregivers Should Know the Signs

Stroke, heart attack, cardiac arrest: these conditions often appear suddenly and without warning. Every second counts. Consequently, we should all know the signs and what do if we see them, because we never know when we might encounter a person ...

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How to Show a Senior Love on Valentine’s Day

Know a senior who needs to feel loved today? We all do. Even if they are strangers we encounter while we’re out and about today, or family and friends residing in assisted living, in our neighborhood, or in our ...

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All Together Now: “Happy 100th Birthday, Veatrice Henson!”

She’s not related to me, but I know that Veatrice Henson of Missouri turns 100 this year, and I plan to congratulate her on this milestone and wish her an enthusiastic happy birthday.

While I may be accused by friends and family of stalking older people that I find dear and whom I wish to adopt as honorary grandparents, the truth is that I know about Veatrice because she has ...

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