How to… Keep Your Brain Sharp (No Matter What Your Age)

There isn’t a cure for Alzheimer’s (yet), but the research seems to be getting closer. In the meantime, here’s how to protect and nurture that so-called gray matter. Bear in mind: you don’t have to be ...

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Natural Brain Health Boosters From Emeritus Senior Living

Everyone’s worried about Alzheimer’s and dementia, and though there is still no cure, there are a number of recommendations about prevention. Paul Nussbaum, an experienced doctor and the director of brain health with Emeritus Senior Living, shares his ...

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How to Further Your Education in Retirement Living

Never stop learning: it’s a surefire way to maintain brain and body health well into -- and beyond -- your retirement years. Henry Ford said, “Anyone who keeps learning stays young,” and this MarketWatch article in the Wall Street ...

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Activities to Stimulate the Mind in Assisted Living

Bingo can certainly be a fun way to spend an hour. Social activities like afternoon tea and holiday parties are important; fitness classes are a vital part of a healthy, well-rounded life.

Yet residents in assisted living need more. Opportunities ...

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In Senior Living, ‘Exergaming’ is Good for the Brain

Many researchers and medical professionals would agree: if it’s good for your body, it’s good for your brain. To that end, many senior living communities – whose residents are at increasing risk for Alzheimer’s or dementia as they ...

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Unique Exercise Program Comes to Atria Assisted Living

This spring, residents of several Atria Senior Living communities throughout the country were introduced to Conductorcise, a new program that integrates the brilliance of David Dworkin, a renowned conductor of leading orchestras worldwide, with an exercise routine that promotes healthy ...

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Could Brain Exercises Accelerate Dementia Later?

There's a lot of research that supports the idea that brain exercises keeping the memory sharp. Seniors are playing video games, reading and doing crossword puzzles like never before, hoping to ward off signs of dementia and cognitive decline.

But, a recent study puts a new spin on this notion as it found that exercising your brain can keep you sharp longer into old age, but when symptoms of dementia ...

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Alzheimer’s Research Round-Up

Keeping up with the latest on the Alzheimer’s research front is quite a challenge. There are new studies with new results – both promising and disappointing – coming out all the time. I’ve compiled (and translated the research jargon) a few of the latest bits of news here, also difficult as there are a number of fine resources from which to choose:

The Alzheimer Research Forum (


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Get Your Brain “Bikini-Ready”

I had a major reality check this week. A co-worker stopped by my office with a packet of brainteasers and asked me to try them out. Sounds like fun, I thought, and dove in. Minutes later, I found myself frustrated and stressed. I used to be so good at these things! How could my brain have turned to mush overnight?
Thankfully I had a few moments of victory, where I ...

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The Nun Study Returns: Important Alzheimer’s Research Continues On

In my opinion, the Nun Study is one of the most fascinating research projects ever. I'm intrigued by almost anything that has to do with Alzheimer's, but I was also quite interested in the whole idea of analyzing the writings of several study participants. A recent broadcast on Minnesota Public Radio (embedded below) discusses the return of the famous study to the University of Minnesota 20 years later. And although much ...

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