Fighting Ageism in the Boomer Years, “Parenthood” Style

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About a year ago, a friend got me hooked on the NBC sitcom, Parenthood. With each new episode, I’m falling more in love and crying ...

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Boomers Aren’t the Only Ones Who Should Care About Social Security

Bill Keller, an op-ed columnist for the New York Times, talks to boomers one-on-one in this recent piece. And though he opened it with these words, “If you were born before 1946 or after 1964, you are free to go... I need ...

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Why Boomer Marshall Ulrich Just Keeps Running

This summer, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing ultra marathoner/extreme athlete Marshall Ulrich. Many thanks to Mr. Ulrich for taking time out of what readers will soon learn to be a very, very busy (but thrilling) schedule.  I’...

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Meet Jerry Mathers: The Boomer Behind “Beaver” Cleaver

“Gee, Dad, I have enough trouble keeping myself good without keeping all the other kids good.” – Theodore “Beaver” Cleaver

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If you loved watching the Cleavers, join the ...

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ThirdAgeRates Top Ten Boomer Men

Richard Gere, Denzel Washington, Liam Neeson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Bruce Springsteen made the list of Top Ten Boomer Hunks.

Compiled by, which touts itself as “the biggest and best boomer site for women since 1997," the top ten boomer hunks list proves that like a fine wine, these 50- & 60-somethings are improving with age.

I’m happy to see a few of my faves on the list (i....

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Boomers & Seniors Blog Carnival: Retirement Cash, Memory Loss Prevention, Caregiver Stress, More

Welcome to the June 23, 2009 edition of Boomers and Seniors - News You Can Use -- the first of the summer! And with the new season comes new trends, advice, and resources for boomers and their aging loved ones, courtesy of the fabulous blog contributors below. Enjoy, and keep cool!

Boomer Trends
Here's an interesting trend to consider: Retiring Overseas. SeniorsForLiving's very own Michelle Seitzer highlights author Barry Golson's tips for ...

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