Suddenly Solo: A Guide for Men Dealing with Loss in Later Life

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“What do I do about dinner?”
“Where is the checkbook?”
“Do I want another relationship with a woman?”

These are a few of the simple and not-so-simple ...

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How to… Age in Place, Simply: An Interview with Author Rachel Adelson

“Aging brings change, but that doesn’t mean it brings disability.”

This tenet runs throughout a new book called Staying Power: Age-Proof Your Home for Comfort, Safety and Style. Its author, Rachel Adelson, bases most of her age-in-place advice on ...

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Entering the Boomer Years? Bring a Friend

Girlfriends are good for you, especially in the “second half of life.” That’s the premise of a fun, fresh ebook from Suzanne Braun Levine, who we’ve interviewed on the blog before. Titled You Gotta Have Girlfriends: A post-fifty ...

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Book Review: “A Guide For Caregivers”

“How do you care for yourself when you feel you are taking care of the rest of the world?” This is the first line of Benjamin Pratt’s A Guide For Caregivers, in which he offers insights and tips on “...

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Filling the Unscheduled Time in Alzheimer’s Caregiving

Alzheimer’s was a hot topic in September, with the debut of #TalkAlz – a brand new chat we’re excited to be a part of, World Alzheimer’s Month, Alzheimer’s Action Day, World Alzheimer’s Day, thousands of Alzheimer’...

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Why Boomer Marshall Ulrich Just Keeps Running

This summer, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing ultra marathoner/extreme athlete Marshall Ulrich. Many thanks to Mr. Ulrich for taking time out of what readers will soon learn to be a very, very busy (but thrilling) schedule.  I’...

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Yes, Seniors Do Have (and Enjoy) Sex

If you’re embarrassed just after reading the title of this post, you may want to stop here – to navigate away and read something about caregiving or baby boomers or intergenerational households.

But you’d be missing out.

Because then ...

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New Book “Keeping Mum” Focused on Caring for Someone with Dementia

What started as a blog is now a book: Keeping Mum - Caring for Someone with Dementia was published in the UK this April. Writer Marianne Talbot (interesting aside about the author: she was thrown out of school at the ...

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Transition Aging Parents: Tools of the Trade

Many congratulations to one of our most faithful followers, Dale Carter of, on her recently published book: "Transitioning Your Aging Parent: A 5 Step Guide Through Crisis & Change." Currently available here, the book will also be posted on Amazon in about 6-8 weeks. What an exciting accomplishment! 

Dale’s background is quite varied – she’s worked as a high school/college instructor, systems analyst/programmer, business intelligence manager, ...

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