What to Do in Independent Living (Besides Bingo)

One of this year’s most notorious Super Bowl commercials featured seniors in a retirement home playing Bingo -- an image that likely comes to mind when we think of what happens there.

But everyone is different. Don’t assume ...

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Progressive Activity Programs Enhance Assisted Living Experience

Ditch the perception of seniors playing Bingo all afternoon in assisted living.

Bingo may still be a popular activity in some circles, but today’s assisted living homes have moved beyond the basics, weaving in activities that are progressive, exciting, ...

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Activities in Senior Living Communities Go Beyond Bingo

While Bingo still remains a highly popular activity in senior living communities, there is certainly much more on senior living social calendars these days besides this favorite pastime.

At Brookdale Senior Living communities across the country, you’ll find activities like dances, pizza parties, tennis, book clubs, talent shows, poetry readings, Wii sports and video games, cooking classes, holiday celebrations, ice cream socials, exercise, fitness, and wellness classes, and more.


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Activities in Assisted Living: Not All Fun and Games

An opinion piece on ideas for a "different type of assisted living facility" recently caught my eye. Besides getting an e-mail alert about it, a colleague posted the piece on my Facebook page, knowing that in my former life I served as an activities director. I had to check it out.

Jan Sykes submitted the piece to The Miami County Republic and shared her activity ideas for elderly men in ...

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