Alzheimer’s Hurts: Help for Difficult Behaviors

The first time she can’t remember your name.
The first time he doesn’t seem to recognize you.
The first time she responds to your touch in anger, something she never did before.

Alzheimer’s hurts.

As if these ...

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Dementia vs. Delirium: What’s the Difference?

One major difference: dementia doesn’t go away, but delirium does -- that is, when the underlying cause is properly treated. It gets complicated though, because the erratic, paranoid, and sometimes frightening behaviors associated with delirium can be quite similar ...

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Practical Tips for Living with Dementia

Today's guest post comes from Leann Reynolds. Reynolds is President of Homewatch CareGivers, an international home care provider, well-known for its development of Pathways to Memory — a specialized dementia care program. Follow her on Twitter at @hwcaregivers.

Dementia never stands ...

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