How to… Balance Life As a Sandwich Caregiver

The kids have soccer practice until 4, and Dad’s doctor’s appointment is at 4:30. Your husband gets home around 6 and hopes dinner will be ready soon after. There’s a check that needs to be deposited at the bank, you’...

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Choosing Canes or Walkers for Seniors At Home, In Assisted Living

A recently updated CDC report on falls among seniors cites that one in every three adults over 65 sustains a fall each year. Falls are the leading cause of injury, which can also lead to death, among older adults. (Read the ...

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Balancing a Career and Caring for a Senior

It’s Labor Day, a holiday established to observe the “social and economic achievements of American workers” (per the US Department of Labor website). If you’re a caregiver though, you are working today just as any other day, whether ...

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#ElderCareChat 1/18/12 Recap: Life in the Sandwich Generation

With one tweeter describing himself as a Big Mac (he’s caring for his son, a wife who has FTLD, a form of dementia, and his father, who has cancer), the 67 participants in this week’s installment of #ElderCareChat talked ...

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Home Care Balancing Act: When Your Spouse Needs Support

Bringing in home care is often a huge relief for families who need help meeting a loved one’s caregiving needs. However, welcoming a stranger into your home is not an easy transition, no matter how wonderful the professional caregiver ...

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Short-Term and Respite Care Options Benefit Caregivers

With August fast approaching, many of us may feel we’re in the so-called “dog days” of summer – those days when the heat, humidity, and hectic pace of summer life saps us of energy and derails our drive.

For those ...

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Multi-Generational Households Are Back

As of 2008, a record 49 million Americans, or 16.1% of the total U.S. population, lived in a family household that contained at least two adult generations or a grandparent and at least one other generation. (from the Pew Social Trends report)
Comebacks are happening all the time - styles, products, actors, movies, musicians, sayings - and in this case, a once-popular housing arrangement is re-emerging. Multi-generational households are back. A recently ...

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Astronaut Training and Elderly Fall Prevention

Coming to a senior home near you: Astronaut training! Well, maybe. An interesting research study suggests that the training used by astronauts can be applied to falls prevention in the elderly.

Falls are a top cause of accidents in people over the age of 65 and they are also a main cause of serious injuries and accidental deaths in older people.

Normal changes of aging, like decreased eyesight or hearing, can ...

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Striking the Balance: Tips for Aging Parents and Adult Children

In a recent issue of Southeastern PA's Senior Guidebook, I found an intriguing article called "Taming Your Adult Children" that offered practical, albeit tongue-in-cheek strategies for keeping well-meaning adult children in check.

I've seen it firsthand in dealing with my own family. And while I never doubted that my parents, aunts and uncles had my grandfather's best interests at heart, the approach was often, if you asked me, less than ...

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Senior Safety: Easy Fitness Tips to Avoid a Fall

SFL welcomes today's guest blogger, Kathleen Wood, Columbia SC, an NASM certified personal trainer. Her passion is working with and training seniors and fragile clients. Her free weekly newsletter on healthy living is Palmetto Fitness Focus.

Nothing strikes fear in the hearts of seniors (and those who care about seniors) like the word "FALL."

Perhaps it's the knowledge that a fall can end your ability to live alone, or at ...

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