Occupational Therapy in Assisted Living: Help for Daily Tasks

We chose assisted living for Dad so he could get the help he needed. Why would he also need therapy?

It’s a perfectly legitimate question, but the thing about assisted living is this: the more assistance your Dad needs ...

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The Assisted Living ABCs: Part 2

In yesterday’s Part 1 post, we covered Assessment, Bathing and Community, three important aspects of assisted living care. Today, we’ll cover three more:

Assistance with medication: When it comes to the care provided, assisted living communities are typically non-medical ...

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Getting Seniors in Assisted Living Out to Vote

Tomorrow, millions of Americans will cast their vote for president, along with a number of other federal, state and local candidates.

Many of us do not even think twice about where, when and how we will vote, but if you ...

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Choosing Canes or Walkers for Seniors At Home, In Assisted Living

A recently updated CDC report on falls among seniors cites that one in every three adults over 65 sustains a fall each year. Falls are the leading cause of injury, which can also lead to death, among older adults. (Read the ...

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Independent Living: Different Settings, Different Services

High-rise efficiency apartments. Ample 2- and 3-bedroom layouts at a CCRC (continuing care retirement community). Large, customizable homes within developing active adult communities. Independent living encompasses a wide variety of options, both in terms of settings and services available, that ...

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Know the Assisted Living Basics

If you are considering assisted living care for yourself, a spouse, parent, or other friend/relative, you should know your ABCs. Consider these basics as you weigh whether assisted living is the best option:

“A” -- Activities of Daily Living (...

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What Care Services Are Provided in Assisted Living?

A recent post outlined what healthcare services are provided in assisted living. But many residents in this care setting primarily need assistance with personal care and basic daily tasks; as outlined below:

Personal care, which is sometimes referred to as ...

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Grassroots Senior Housing: The “Urban Village”

Assisted living is not for everyone. Whether for financial reasons or simply personal preference, some American seniors opt to age in place elsewhere. However, there is still a need for support.

Springing up in response to that need are several ...

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Home Care Means Transitions Too

Let’s face it: moving is no picnic. Packing, unpacking, arranging, rearranging, uprooting – though adjusting to a new routine/location has its high points, it is still a wholly difficult and time-consuming process.

Some elders/families may choose home care ...

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Home Care Q&A: What Does Non-Medical Care Cover?

Home care typically falls into two categories: skilled/medical care and non-medical care. Skilled/medical care services – like IV therapy, wound care, diabetic care, physical therapy or nutritional counseling, to name a few – must be provided by a nurse or ...

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