Inspiring Creativity in Assisted Living: The 2013 ALFA Art Showcase

Another year, another national art showcase open for submissions. Announcing the 2013 contest from the Assisted Living Federation of America, in which senior living residents from across the country are invited to submit photos of original artwork with a chance to ...

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From the Retirement Community to the Art Museum

Residents at a retirement community in Massachusetts visited an art museum this week.

Lifelong learning programs like North Hill’s True North Courses & Events are becoming more popular at independent and assisted living communities across the country; there are ...

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Celebrating “Art for the Ages” During NALW 2012

Pick up a paintbrush, dabble in decoupage, cover your hands in clay, whittle a woodcarving, make a musical masterpiece: this year’s theme for National Assisted Living Week is “Art for the Ages,” and it’s a celebration of creativity ...

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Assisted Living Residents Compete in Nationwide Art Contest

With ten finalists currently in the public voting phase, the Emeritus Senior Living 2012 Resident Art Contest is underway. Participants created a winter scene worthy of a holiday card cover, which is where the winner’s piece will eventually find a ...

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Artists Wanted: Assisted Living Federation of America Sponsors Showcase

There is no reason to let age stop you from creating art. In fact, author Nicholas Delbanco wrote an entire book exploring what he calls “lastingness,” profiling artists, writers and musicians who produced their finest works late in life (read ...

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“Lastingness”: New Book Explores Art in Old Age

"Work and interest are the best remedy for age. Each day I am reborn. Each day I must begin again." –Pablo Casals

Nicholas Delbanco’s latest book Lastingness:The Art of Old Age shifts the writer’s lens to focus on the work of artists who continued to create well into their 70s and beyond. Delbanco, now 68, admits that 30 or 40 years ago, the art of old age isn’t a ...

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