Age-Friendly Living 101

For seniors residing at home or in a residential community, this quiz from AARP is a helpful tool to evaluate the safety of the living space. There are 10 questions covering issues like lighting and how to improve it, fall prevention ...

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Can You Bring a Car to Assisted Living?

The simple answer is yes. Some residents who move to assisted living can still drive and have not sold their vehicle. They may not need to use the car on a daily basis, but most communities provide adequate space for ...

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How to Decorate An Assisted Living Apartment

It doesn’t matter if you have a studio apartment, or a modest three-bedroom, one-bath bi-level, or a sprawling seven-bedroom, five-bath farmhouse: most people fill their living space with stuff they don’t need or use. Consequently, when it’s ...

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Making an Assisted Living Decision…In the Dining Room

Considering a few assisted living communities in the area? Here’s one way to narrow down the options: have a meal there.

When you schedule a tour of the community, which you should always do before making your final decision, ...

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Keeping Your Home Cozy While Caregiving

Wheelchairs. Walkers. Sanitary wipes, gloves, medication bottles, oxygen tanks. Hospital beds,  portable commodes. These are the telltale signs of caregiving.

Whether you choose home care, an assisted living apartment, or opt to care for your loved one in your own ...

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Essential Items for Assisted Living Residents

Stamps, snacks, antibacterial hand gel, disinfectant wipes, and a stock of batteries for the cordless phone, alarm clock, and television remote: these are among the items that may not be top of mind when packing for an assisted living transition ...

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Home Sweet Assisted Living Home

Great-grandfather’s trunk – check. Mother’s wedding quilt, Papa’s favorite lamp – check, check. The first piece of furniture you bought with your first paycheck – check. The best way to make your new assisted living apartment feel like home? Bring ...

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Fall Prevention Checklist for Home & Senior Care Settings

By the time you read this sentence, an older adult will come to the ER for treatment following a fall.

The CDC estimates that every 17 seconds, hospital emergency departments treat seniors with injuries related to a fall, the leading cause ...

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Senior Move Managers Assist in Care Transitions

Though a major life decision and intense process on its own, choosing a senior care community is just the beginning: a lifetime and household’s worth of stuff must now be transitioned into a much smaller space, and usually in ...

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Essential Home Preparations for a Senior Care Transition

Bringing in home care, moving to independent living, or transitioning to assisted living are major life changes that require a number of preparations.

For a move, coordinating logistics is a big part of the process. Will a moving company be ...

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