Some Cognitive Decline is Normal As We Age

I’ve noticed lately that I’m working much harder to remember names and frequently forgetting what I walked into a room to retrieve. The topper was recently finding the dog’s shampoo in the refrigerator! So it was with ...

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TimeSlips Storytelling Inspires Senior Creativity

A creative program that was originally designed to assist seniors with dementia, TimeSlips uses a storytelling format to spur creativity in older adults and other age groups. Using TimeSlips, trained facilitators have people create stories from prompts, usually pictures. Especially ...

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The Need for Total Alzheimer’s Care Communities

In the future, will we see more senior communities devoted entirely to dementia care? A reader’s comment on a recent post about a Wisconsin senior housing project raised the question: “It is especially interesting that one whole facility will ...

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How to Make Dining a Better Experience for People with Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s makes everything more difficult, including meal times. But a nursing home administrator found a way to change the dining experience for the good; her story is told in this blog post, Dementia dining: A model on the McKnight’...

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What You Should Know About the Alzheimer’s Care Crisis

A $215 billion dollar price tag, annually: that’s the financial impact of Alzheimer’s care in this country, according to this new study from the RAND Corporation.

The staggering amount represents the cumulative cost of providing care for someone with ...

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Choosing Home Care for People With Alzheimer’s

The tricky thing about Alzheimer’s is the way the disease affects a person’s ability to manage simple daily tasks but does not always impact physical wellness. In other words, your father may still be physically strong; he can ...

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How to… Spot the Onset of Dementia

As soon as you forget your keys, the name of that guy you just met, or what you went upstairs for, you worry: Is it Alzheimer’s? Am I in the early stages of dementia?

First of all, here’s ...

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Alzheimer’s Hurts: Help for Difficult Behaviors

The first time she can’t remember your name.
The first time he doesn’t seem to recognize you.
The first time she responds to your touch in anger, something she never did before.

Alzheimer’s hurts.

As if these ...

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The Truth About Special Alzheimer’s Care

What does it really mean when a senior living community offers “special Alzheimer’s care?” Unfortunately, much like assisted living, there is no uniform definition for this type of care.

Each state has its own licensing rules and regulations for ...

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Around the World in Eldercare: Alzheimer’s Care in the Netherlands

The location: Weesp, the Netherlands, where a 23-unit community for people with Alzheimer’s and dementia opened its doors last spring. It’s called the Hogewey complex, and it offers an unrestrained approach to care.

Writer John Tagliabue tells us ...

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