Around the World in Eldercare: The United Nations OEWG on Ageing

In late August, organizations and individuals from all over the world gathered in New York for the Third Session of the OEWG (Open-Ended Working Group) on Ageing.

Established in December 2010 by the General Assembly of the United Nations, the group ...

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Why Boomer Marshall Ulrich Just Keeps Running

This summer, I had the distinct pleasure of interviewing ultra marathoner/extreme athlete Marshall Ulrich. Many thanks to Mr. Ulrich for taking time out of what readers will soon learn to be a very, very busy (but thrilling) schedule.  I’...

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At 66, Helen Mirren is Sexier than Ever

I’ve always thought she was drop dead gorgeous, so it’s nice to know that others agree.

Congrats to Dame Helen Mirren, the sexy 66-year-old who just won the L.A. Fitness’ “Body of the Year” poll, despite stiff ...

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Statistics Snapshot: Who Resides in Assisted Living?

Data posted at The National Center for Assisted Living (NCAL) website gives insight regarding the population who resides in assisted living communities throughout the US. The information was originally published in the “2009 Overview of Assisted Living”; the report was a ...

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Baby Boomers: The Transformation Nation

The Beatles. JFK. MLK. The Vietnam War. Color TV.

That was life in the 1950s and 60s, when today’s baby boomers were coming of age.

Punk. Watergate. The Brady Bunch. Disco. Cocaine.

Life in the 1970s – when boomers were ...

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Active Adult Communities & The New Consumer of Retirement Living

A few Sundays ago, I spent the afternoon at an open house event in Mt. Joy, Pennsylvania, about a half hour from where I live. The event was to promote a new active adult/55+ community, built by a Pennsylvania-based developer, Traditions of America.

There were a number of activities offered that day: seminars on selling your home, prize giveaways/contests, chair massages, hard-hat tours, and more.

I hopped on the ...

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ThirdAgeRates Top Ten Boomer Men

Richard Gere, Denzel Washington, Liam Neeson, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Bruce Springsteen made the list of Top Ten Boomer Hunks.

Compiled by, which touts itself as “the biggest and best boomer site for women since 1997," the top ten boomer hunks list proves that like a fine wine, these 50- & 60-somethings are improving with age.

I’m happy to see a few of my faves on the list (i....

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Does Looking Older Mean You’re Unhealthy?

It's widely assumed that if someone looks older than their actual age, that it's a sign of poor health. But, now it's been shown that it's not necessarily so. Now, it's thought that someone has to look 10 years older than their actual age (*checks mirror*) before it's a predictor of compromised health:
Researchers at the University of Toronto found that 99 percent of people who look 10 or more years older than ...

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Navigating Your Pet’s Golden Years

Most of my friends and family know I’m a dog lover, and the majority of our readers probably know how much we all love pets here at Seniors for Living, based on the numerous feature articles and blog posts we’ve written about the subject.

But for all those posts/pieces, we haven’t quite covered this subject: dealing with an aging pet. We know all about the benefits ...

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Age Doesn’t Dictate Decision Making Skills

As I get older and watch people around me deal with elderly parents with regard to issues like driving and money matters, I often wonder if my kids will be able to recognize when I can and can't make my own decisions. Only time will tell...

Actually, if you asked them today they'd probably tell you I'm too old to do anything on my own. I guess that includes giving ...

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