Simple Ways to Enjoy Life in Assisted Living

Assisted living is not always the first choice for some seniors, so you may have to encourage an older parent, friend or relative to embrace their new living situation.

Here are a few ways to change their perspective and help ...

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Getting Ready for Assisted Living Week

It's that time again: on September 8th, seniors, community members, volunteers, employees and families across the country will celebrate National Assisted Living Week 2013. A theme of Homemade Happiness provides the focal point for the week's events and activities, one that ...

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CCRCs Are Dedicated to Wellness

When you’re searching for the best place for you or your loved one to grow old, you’re looking for more than food and shelter – you want a place where you can thrive for the rest of your days.
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Gardening Keeps Seniors Healthy

Having just amended all the soil in my 4 ft. by 12 ft. raised herb bed, I can attest to the great workout you get from gardening. With the right moves, it can be like a trip to the gym without the ...

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The Power of Humor in Senior Living

Most senior living providers offer a variety of programs for the body, mind, and soul – but what about activities geared directly toward the funny bone? If laughter is truly the best medicine, how are senior living communities providing an appropriate dosage?
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Assisted Living Your Way

Assisted living may not be as flexible as independent living, however, residents in this setting can lead a very independent life.

Depending on the amount of assistance or care required, a resident in assisted living can basically set his/her ...

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Exercise, Independence and Alzheimer’s

We all know that exercise is good for your body and brain, but a new study indicates that it also helps maintains independence in people with Alzheimer’s. How so? An article from the Assisted Living Federation of America shares ...

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Assisted Living Activities for the Gents

The “typical” assisted living resident is an 83-year-old woman and assisted living communities are home to an average of 74% women and 26% men, according to figures from the National Center for Assisted Living. Though men are clearly outnumbered in these communities, ...

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Why Atria Senior Living Residents Are Reading with Children

There’s a wonderful photograph posted on the Atria Senior Living Facebook page today. An Atria resident in a Dr. Seuss-inspired hat is surrounded by children eager to hear his reading of the timeless tale, The Cat in the Hat. ...

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Things to Do in Assisted Living

In assisted living communities across the country, activities directors are working hard to keep residents busy and happy, providing a wide variety of things to do, while also encouraging them to make friends and maintain vital social connections.
Most directors ...

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