Caregiver Face Sheets: Must-Have Information for Emergencies

Your mother is having a stroke. Your husband is having a heart attack. Your grandmother fell and fractured her leg. The last thing you want to be doing in any of these crisis situations is fumbling through wallets, desk drawers ...

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Essential Items for Assisted Living Residents

Stamps, snacks, antibacterial hand gel, disinfectant wipes, and a stock of batteries for the cordless phone, alarm clock, and television remote: these are among the items that may not be top of mind when packing for an assisted living transition ...

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New Home Care Service for Residents of Independent Living

A new line of home care services is now available to independent living industry providers, thanks to Ascom Wireless Solutions. Called the Ascom Care Phone, this secure line gives home-bound individuals a direct link to emergency assistance or care staff ...

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miCARD: Making a Difference in Emergency Situations

Three years ago, James Kelley took action on an idea that had been brewing for awhile.

An ER physician with 16 years in the field, Kelley had seen his share of this problematic scenario: a new patient comes in needing urgent ...

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Q&A: Independent Living Housing, Services & Programs

Choosing to reside in an independent living community means more than just having your own parking space and the freedom to come and go as you please. Learn more with this Q&A overview.

Q: What types of housing ...

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Medicare Changes May Compromise Care

People say nothing in life is certain but death and taxes.  And how about changes to Medicare? If you ask me, it’s safe to count on that one too.

There were many changes born out of the health care reform legislation passed last spring, changes that will impact the health care world for better and for worse.

Enter IPAB – the Independent Payment Advisory Board (government agencies love their alphabet ...

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