Senior Living Embraces Farm-to-Table Dining Approach

Eating “local,” courtesy of regional farms, suppliers, and nearby farmer’s markets has been one of the biggest recent movements in the food industry. It’s not unusual to see which local beef farmer provided the steak on your restaurant ...

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Desirable Senior Living Design Trends for 2014

The  senior living industry has been striving to present innovative design ideas to an ever-increasingly discriminating older adult consumer. Focusing on gourmet-level healthy food options, wellness initiatives, and flexible living layouts, the housing market for seniors is responding to changing ...

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Senior Living Trend Watch: Making Homes Meet Care Needs

Looking Back, Looking Ahead: Eldercare Trends was our theme for the last #ElderCareChat of 2013. A surge in multigenerational homes was a trend that participants viewed as a positive one, and this recent New York Times news article supported it. In ...

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Who Are Senior Living Marketers Targeting?

The way to a senior living sale is through the adult child, says a new Senior Housing News article.

They’re doing the online research. They’re concerned about their parents living alone. They’re more involved than ever. They’...

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Senior Living Trend Watch: Big Investment, Small House

North Hill is at it again: the innovative Massachusetts continuing care retirement community has invested $60 million towards building a “small house,” per a recent Senior Housing News (SHN) article.

What’s the “small house” project all about? Based on the ...

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Yes, Seniors Are on Facebook

Though the highest majority of social media users fall in the 18-29 range, 43% of Americans over 65 (up from 26% just three years ago) now use at least one social networking site, according to data from the Pew Research Center.

From Google ...

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Is “Living Unassisted” the Future of Assisted Living?

That’s what Jeffrey Rosenfeld and Wid Chapman believe. The authors -- a gerontologist and architect, respectively -- of UnAssisted Living:  Ageless Homes for Later Life, see a future where housing better reflects the lifestyle demands and preferences of today’...

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What Makes Memory Care Desirable?

Steve Moran, senior housing expert, says the love affair with memory care feels like a gold rush. Perhaps it’s the rapidly rising dementia rates, perhaps it’s the media’s negative portrayals of assisted living and nursing homes, perhaps ...

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The Grandma Export: A New Trend in Senior Care

The US isn’t the only country experiencing a sharp rise in senior care costs (with a concurrent decrease in both public and private funding options). European countries, even those with more government aid available to seniors, are also witnessing ...

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States Use Limited Long-Term Care Budgets for Home Health

In these challenging economic times, states are closely scrutinizing their long-term care budgets. This has resulted in many states opting for creative care solutions using their Medicaid funding. reports that one choice is shifting the money to community-based ...

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