Young Caregivers Becoming the Norm

I'm a brand new parent (only two and a half months in), and I can already see how quickly caregiver burnout creeps in.
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Multi-Gen Travel: Three Great Summertime Escapes

A family that plays together stays together. In fact, the latest trend in traveling is multi-generational vacations. According to the research conducted by Preferred Hotel Group, 40 percent of all active leisure travelers have taken at least one multi-generational trip (defined ...

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Trend Watch: New Homes for the Modern Multigenerational Family

It seems that assisted living and other residential care facilities are becoming a last resort as more families turn to at-home alternatives. There’s the MEDCottage (also known as granny pods), a small, free-standing unit that is connected to the ...

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Caregivers, Are You Feeling the Effects of Holiday Stress?

It’s an exhausting time of year for many of us, particularly for caregivers in the sandwich generation (those caring for kids and seniors). In addition to the usual stress of caregiving tasks, there are the added responsibilities of holiday ...

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When Thanksgiving Is Just Another Caregiving Day

It’s the day before Thanksgiving. Some people are working, some have the day off. Others are loading the car or boarding a plane to visit family. Many are beginning dinner preparations.

Millions are caregiving. On a day like today, ...

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Boomers Want Better Cost of Living, Lower Taxes and “Room for the Grandkids”

I always said the area where I spent most of my childhood -- a quick drive from New York City in the well-known PA resort hot spot, the Poconos -- was a great place to “grow up and grow old.” ...

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Preparing for Senior Care Conversations During the Holidays: Part 2

Yesterday's post offered advice on considering assisted living options -- or at least starting the conversation about it -- during the upcoming holiday season. Not sure where or how to begin? Consider these helpful tips:

Approach the subject with sensitivity ...

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Preparing for Senior Care Conversations During the Holidays: Part 1

Go to any major department store and you’ll know the holidays are coming, quickly. If you’re also among the thousands of sandwich generation adults -- caring for children and aging parents -- your stress level is already elevated, ...

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The Other Side of the Sandwich Generation: Seniors as Caregivers

There’s lots of talk about the sandwich generation, the (mostly) boomers and middle-aged adults who are caring for their aging parent(s), children, and grandchildren all at once. It’s a hot topic, life as a sandwich generation-er, and ...

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Every Day Is Grandparents Day

[caption id="attachment_16441" align="alignright" width="248" caption="Infographic courtesy of Generations United"][/caption]

Grandparents Day, as in the official September holiday, is behind us for another year... but I think every day should be Grandparents Day.

It’s not just ...

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