Seniors Combine Love of Animals with Volunteering

I still carry a little resentment that my parents wouldn’t get me a horse when I was six years old. We had a two-car garage with plenty of room and all my friends had horses. I haven’t checked ...

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The Best Medicine: Pets Visit Hospitalized Owners

Anyone who loves a pet knows their powerful, positive energy and huge role they play in our lives. Studies show that being around animals is also good for both physical and mental well-being. As a N.Y. Times New Old ...

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Pet Protection Agreements Bring Peace of Mind

When Joe*  was hospitalized in a coma after a stroke several years ago, his sister, who was his next of kin, was responsible for taking care of his affairs, which included his three dogs.

When his prognosis appeared poor, his ...

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Seniors Adopting Senior Pets

May is National Pet Month and with May 5th through May 11th National Pet Week, the American Veterinary Medical Association is busy promoting events that celebrate how pets enrich our lives. Pet rescue groups, shelters, and vet clinics all over ...

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How Pet Therapy Makes a Difference for Seniors

Pet therapy programs have expanded all over the country, reaching people in all age groups and meeting a wider variety of health needs. Though seeing eye dogs are still an option, now there are therapy llamas for hospice patients, monkeys ...

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Pet-Friendly Senior Living More Popular Than Ever

In the Health section of this week’s Chicago Tribune is an article entitled “A place for mom, dad and Spunky.” Good news for those who love animals, and perhaps not so good news for those with allergies.

Either way, ...

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Taking Care of Pets At Home or In Assisted Living

The love and companionship of a pet is incomparable, as anyone who has ever had pets surely knows. A pet can ease the loneliness of seniors who live at home or in assisted living; as a result, many senior living ...

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Who Brings the Mail to This Minnesota Senior Community?

Dogs, cats, fish, birds, and bunnies: these may be the animals that come to mind when we hear about pet therapy in senior living communities. However, as we’ve covered on the blog before, Silverado Senior Living communities have baby ...

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Pets Welcome in More Senior Living Communities

If you have ever been a pet owner, you understand how easily the animal(s) become a part of your family. Why then would we expect seniors with pets to easily leave their precious companions behind when making a senior ...

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“Yappy Hour” at Silverado Senior Living

Yes, you read that right: the residents of a Silverado Senior Living community in Plano, Texas, recently enjoyed “Yappy Hour.”

Visit the Silverado Senior Living Facebook fan page for access to photos of the event, with the canine guests of ...

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