Arts Colonies for Seniors

Today’s senior housing offers a lot more than just puzzles and pinochle. Now, seniors who want to flex their creative muscles well into their golden years can take advantage of arts colonies cropping up across California – and hopefully soon ...

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Helping Depressed Seniors in Community-Based Programs

As the population of baby boomers and older adults grows, there has been a heightened awareness of the need for better diagnosis and treatment of depression in seniors. Fortunately, healthcare providers and medical facilities are now better educated on the ...

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A Round-Up of Senior Care Payment Options

Deciding whether to access senior care (and what type of services, like home care, assisted living, or skilled nursing care) is one thing, how to pay for it is another. Both are monumental tasks, especially for caregivers who are already ...

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Benefits Checkup: National Programs Helping Seniors

Paying for prescriptions, food, and the monthly utility bills is a challenge for seniors on a fixed income. Sadly, it’s more serious than that: the National Council on Aging estimates that over 13 million older adults “live in or on ...

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How to Pay for Senior Care (Besides Using Medicaid)

In 2011, Medicaid spent $427 billion dollars, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

What does that have to do with senior care?

The same Kaiser Family Foundation report states that Medicaid covered 43 percent of all long term care services (senior care in ...

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New Affordable Senior Housing Complex in California Emphasizes Arts

This news article from the Long Beach Business Journal proves that affordable senior housing is possible, and it doesn’t have to be bland and boring.

Introducing the Long Beach Senior Arts Colony: a 200-unit complex for seniors that offers ...

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Keeping Your Home Cozy While Caregiving

Wheelchairs. Walkers. Sanitary wipes, gloves, medication bottles, oxygen tanks. Hospital beds,  portable commodes. These are the telltale signs of caregiving.

Whether you choose home care, an assisted living apartment, or opt to care for your loved one in your own ...

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New Government Agency Dedicated to Community-Based Senior Care

The Administration for Community Living, or ACL, is a brand new government agency dedicated to long-term care and senior support, according to this news brief posted on McKnights Long Term Care News & Assisted Living.

While it may seem that ...

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From Trailer Park to Sunrise Park: Intergenerational Senior Housing

Intergenerational housing is a trend that is gaining traction in the senior living industry, and one that we should all be excited about.

What better way to get back to the days of neighbors helping neighbors and communities supporting their ...

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Senior Care Benefits for Veterans and Spouses

As we honor our country’s dedicated service men and women on Veterans Day tomorrow, we should also be mindful of the care needs faced by many of these individuals. While a sobering thought, there are some programs that can ...

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