#ElderCareChat 2/20/13 Recap: Mental Health & Aging Issues

This Wednesday, 37 participants confronted a difficult but nonetheless important subject during our real-time Twitter forum: mental health and aging issues. CDC stats from 2004 say that 67% of nursing home residents have mental disorders. A recent Institute of Medicine report said 1 in 5 ...

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#ElderCareChat 2/6/13 Recap Post: Advocating for Quality Care

This Wednesday, 52 participants (with several new faces among the group) talked about the various settings in which family caregivers and their loved ones find themselves: at the doctor’s office, at home with a home health care provider, in the ...

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#ElderCareChat 1/16/13 Recap: Eldercare Around the World

This Wednesday, a lively dialogue among our 36 attendees offered a much broader perspective of senior and caregiving issues than usual: eldercare around the world. In the hour-long conversation, we found that while some countries are unique in their eldercare programs ...

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#ElderCareChat 1/2/13: Innovative Programs for Caregivers & Seniors

This Wednesday, 37 dynamic participants gathered on Twitter for the first bi-monthly #ElderCareChat of 2013. The topic on the table: innovative programs for caregivers and seniors, a subject that was suggested in last November’s future topic ideas chat.

Our conversation included ...

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#ElderCareChat 12/19/12 Recap: The Gifts of Caregiving Help

This Wednesday, 33 participants gathered for our bi-monthly #ElderCareChat on Twitter to discuss the programs, tools and information available to caregivers, and perhaps more importantly, how to help them access these valuable resources. We also brainstormed about ways to involve the ...

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#ElderCareChat 12/5/12 Recap: Scam Prevention for Seniors and Caregivers

This Wednesday, 32 participants gathered for our bi-monthly #ElderCareChat on Twitter to discuss an issue that affects us all, but one in which vulnerable seniors are often targeted: scams and financial abuse. It was one of the most highly recommended subject ...

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#ElderCareChat to Cover Scam Prevention for Seniors and Caregivers

Medicare fraud, group and individual investment schemes, identity theft cases, counterfeit prescription drug sales. These are a few of the scams targeting today’s seniors; this page from the FBI website outlines each one in detail.

Getting to know what’...

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#ElderCareChat 11/7/12 Recap: Managing Holiday Stress

Martha Stewart makes the holidays look easy, but 1) that’s her job, and 2) everything looks easier on TV.

Truthfully, there isn’t much that’s easy about the holidays, especially if you’re a caregiver and have older relatives with ...

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#ElderCareChat 10/17/12 Recap: Emergency Preparedness

It doesn’t matter if we live in the midwest’s tornado alley, or along the California fault line, or in the eye of Florida’s tropical storms and hurricanes.

The earthquake in New York City a few months ago ...

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#ElderCareChat 10/3/12 Recap: Quality of Life for Caregivers

Quality of life is not something that is easily put into words, but we certainly know when we don’t have the quality of life we want, or when someone else’s quality of life is not what it should ...

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