Summer Camp for Boomers and Seniors

By Nancy LaFever / Posted on 03 June 2013

Summer Camp for BoomersIf you’re over 50 with children or grandchildren finishing up the school year, they may be already looking forward to going away for summer camp. As a Girl Scout, I did a couple two-week summer stints at Camp Wakatomika. With the exception of a mouse running over my face in the tent, it was a great time. Hopefully, summer camp is just as fun now for kids and the basic s’mores and canoeing model hasn’t become too orchestrated.

But why should kids have all the fun? There’s a proliferation of camps for adults, particularly for the boomer and older adult crowd. If you’re lucky enough to be able to schedule the time away, why not dust off your sleeping bag?

Summer camp for adults is more specialized than the kids’ experience. Think of it as an opportunity to explore a passionate hobby or interest, like writing a novel or learning to play an instrument. Maybe you’d just like to try something new in a focused program run by pros.

Specialty and Traditional Camp Experiences
If you already know what topic area you’re interested in, you can go directly to listings online or through travel professionals. Wine aficionados can do their dream camp at a vineyard, learning the business of making wine, even making your own blend, from winery owners. If your fantasy is mastering a sport or learning ballroom dancing, expect the best camps to be run by pros. Want a private figure skating lesson from Olympic gold medalist Dorothy Hamill? She does a camp once a year.

For a comprehensive listing of specialty adult camps, GrownUpCamps.com has an amazing assortment of programs for adult travelers, including archeology, railroad and locomotive operations, bull riding, tall ships, rock & roll, religious studies, surfing and more.

If you’d rather do a more traditional camp for grown-ups, the YMCA offers “Active Older Adults Camp” in many cities. You can select activities that include hiking, crafts or woodcarving geared towards your individual activity levels.

What say you? Would you consider going back to summer camp?


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