Do Doctors Make House Calls in Senior Living?

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 12 March 2013

An Idaho doctor shares why house calls in senior living are a win-win scenario. Read more in the post.Dr. Steven Fuller is making house calls…to senior living communities. The Idaho-based doctor heads up House Calls, a physician-owned, physician-directed company that provides in-home healthcare coordination for area seniors in assisted living and retirement communities.

This is not a service you’ll find nationwide though, and Dr. Fuller explains why doctors don’t come to senior living in his post, Why Doctors Don’t Go to Retirement Communities.

He writes, “Here’s the doctor’s perspective: I can either remain in my office with my entire support staff who has arranged a full afternoon schedule of patients waiting in exam rooms to see me, or I can spend the entire afternoon traveling to a Retirement Community where I have no support staff, have to hunt down my 1 or 2 low reimbursement Medicare patients wandering around the Community somewhere, find some place to examine them, and then somehow arrange follow-up testing and appointments.”

In the remainder of the article, Fuller further explains the dilemma and offers possible solutions to encourage more doctors to visit patients in senior living — to everyone’s benefit. It’s an interesting perspective and certainly one that providers should consider, especially as statistics affirm the increasing need for healthcare support services among senior living residents in all levels of care.

Talk back: Do you think doctors should visit residents in senior living? Why or why not?



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