#ElderCareChat 3/6/13 Recap Post: Where Should Elder Care Dollars Go?

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 08 March 2013

How would you help caregivers and seniors if you were the President of the United States? Find out the answer to this question and more in our recap post.This Wednesday, 45 participants from all walks of the elder care life engaged in a bit of role-playing for our conversation on financing. As usual, it was a lively — or “hopping,” as faithful attendee @NatriceR described it — hour of dialogue in which many excellent ideas were exchanged. By the end of the chat, one tweeter actually turned a proposed idea into an official White House petition (talk about advocates in action!). Learn more about the petition, then sign it and share it with as many people as possible, here.

Attendees imagined themselves as the President, as the head of a Fortune 500 company, and in several other leadership positions to express how these authorities should be directing dollars to better serve older adults and their family caregivers. Denise Brown (@caregiving) led the way with the following questions:

Q1: You are president of the US. How would you spend government dollars to help homebound seniors?
Q2: You manage a long-term care facility. How would you spend dollars to help your residents?
Q3: You run the National Institutes of Health. How would you spend research dollars?
Q4: You operate a Fortune 500 company. How would spend money to help your employees who are family caregivers?
Q5: You are mayor of a major city. How would you spend money to help your elderly residents?
Q6: You are still mayor. How would you spend money to help your residents who are family caregivers?
Q7: How could our government, corporations and research entities work together to help older adults and family caregivers?
Q8: What advice would you give to a 25-year-old about saving for the future?


Check out these highlights:

Review the wealth of resources, insights and ideas shared here, via the full chat transcript (thanks to @ctffox of The Fox Group for providing this invaluable service). Analytics are available too; click here to see who attended.

Don’t miss our next chat: Wednesday, March 20th at 1pm ET. Please note that we meet only on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month. Anyone who is interested in and passionate about eldercare issues can join our chat, anytime. Prior participation is not required, nor is there a need to stay for the full hour.

If the “real-time” frame doesn’t sync with your schedule, or if you feel that your question or idea requires well beyond 140 characters, start a discussion thread on our LinkedIn page or use the #eldercarechat hashtag. The LinkedIn group is also a great place to continue previous discussions, connect with those who share similar interests, or talk about the services that you, or the company you represent, have to offer.



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