Does the US Have an Extreme Solution for Senior Housing?

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 28 February 2013

In today's post, find out what the government's current solution for the long-term care crisis is, and how to prepare accordingly.Imagine if the popular show Extreme Makeover: Home Edition renovated senior housing communities, giving them a new look and, more importantly, a financial boost? Actually, the long-term care system itself is in need of a makeover, as this recent post on Senior Housing News points out. The article’s author, George Yedinak, wonders who will care for the millions of US seniors who currently and will eventually require daily assistance and care. What is the public/private sector solution now that the CLASS Act has been officially thrown off the fiscal cliff? (To learn more about the Community Living Assistance Services and Supports Act, read this post.)

The answer, for now: a new Congressional Long Term Care Commission that will study the issue and share a report within six months of beginning their work. Whether this solution will bring relief or outline a reasonable plan for the future remains to be seen, and Yedinak’s post explores the possible outcomes.

No matter what the government decides to do, the majority of senior caregiving is a burden that is still likely to rest on the family’s shoulders. Therefore, each individual/family should create a long-term care plan that does not figure in government assistance. Should that assistance become available, it’s easy enough to add in; if it does not become available, a plan is already in place. Start here with our Elder Care Planning Resource Guide.



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