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A New Kind of Senior Community

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 20 February 2013

More senior living communities are moving away from the traditional model, which is what seniors want. Learn more in today's post.Steve Moran, who blogs about senior housing, shares this post about Haciendas at the River, a new kind of senior living community that he believes his father, a retired ER doctor in his mid 80s who is still very active, would love.

Moran probably speaks for most seniors when he writes, “[My father] would hate living in the traditional bingo, Bible study and birthday, let us entertain you to death senior housing community.”

Strong words, but wouldn’t many of today’s seniors and their family members agree? While bingo, birthday parties and Bible studies are enjoyable for some, shouldn’t there be more to the last years of life than these activities alone?

The increasing popularity of senior living communities that integrate lifelong learning programs or have partnerships with local universities affirms it, along with the rise of “active adult communities” and other unique independent housing options (some urban and most offering a plethora of opportunities for engagement and enrichment) for the 55+ crowd.

The Haciendas community in Moran’s post shows the kind of senior community that many seniors want: one that is well-designed in its layout, look, care, programs and services — and sophisticated, respectful, nurturing and age-appropriate in its approach. Read more about it here.

Talk back: What does your ideal senior community look like?


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  1. Thanks for the share. You give me idea on this post while thinking to my grand parents.

    “Strong words, but wouldn’t many of today’s seniors and their family members agree? ” Totally agree with this. :-)


    on 26 May 2013 / 2:09 PM


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