Pennsylvania Senior Residents Make Crafts with Global Reach

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 01 February 2013

Women residing in a Pennsylvania senior care community are using their love of paper crafts to help women in Bangladesh. Learn more in today's post.Here’s a unique story of a local-to-global connection: women residing in a Pennsylvania senior care community are using their love of paper crafts to help women in Bangladesh.

Per this online news piece, it started when Garden Spot Village seniors connected with an employee from Ten Thousand Villages, a fair trade organization whose stores are stocked with one-of-kind, handmade gifts and items “representing the diverse cultures of artisans in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East.”

The lovely handmade cards the seniors had created in their craft group were on display at a fall festival — and caught the eye of the store’s current buyer. Now, these cards and other paper crafts are being presented to the women artisans in Bangladesh as a way to “think differently about paper” and come up with new design ideas to improve lagging sales.

This story is a great testament to the importance of getting involved in activities sponsored by a senior living community, or perhaps a means for persuading a loved one who does not want to transition to such a place. There are countless pros that often outweigh the cons, and being able to participate in a crafts group that goes global is just one of many possibilities. Share this story, then begin the search for “a new place in life” right here on the site.


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  1. Monica says,

    Touching story! These kind of activities create such a positive effect throughout senior communities. Not only do the residents get to do something they enjoy, but their handiwork even has a beneficial impact on people across the world. They should submit their cards to the 2013 ALFA Art Showcase! alfa.org/art


    on 05 February 2013 / 10:47 AM

  2. Isn’t it wonderful, Monica? I was so glad to have stumbled upon it. You’re absolutely right. The positive effect often reaches well beyond the residents and community itself. That’s a great idea! Perhaps you should reach out to the Garden Spot Village activities coordinator mentioned in the piece?


    on 05 February 2013 / 11:24 AM


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