Taking the Senior Living Plunge

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 29 January 2013

If friends or family are contemplating a transition, reach out and offer your support. Find out how to help them take the senior living plunge in this post.When is it time to move to assisted living or consider a senior living community for active adults? When does the care of a home become too difficult — or perhaps even poses a risk — for seniors with health or mobility issues?

Sometimes, the timing of such a decision is initiated by a health emergency or other crisis (i.e. a stroke, a fall/fracture, leaving the stove on). In other cases, there is a much finer line between “is it time?” or “can we stay here half a year more?”

If friends or family are contemplating a senior living transition, reach out and offer your support. Be a listening ear; let them talk through their thoughts on the benefits and drawbacks of such a move. Help them with researching communities and care providers. Offer to accompany them on a tour of the communities they’re interested in, or to make a few phone calls to schedule appointments.

Check out our Senior Living Transition Resource Guide for a comprehensive overview of care and housing options, how to talk about the changes to come (and professionals who can help navigate these often difficult conversations), how to pay for it, advice on selecting the community that fits best, and information on the logistics of the transition.



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