Senior Living Visit Checklist for Long Distance Caregivers

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 24 January 2013

Consider these tips for easing the nerves triggered by time and space between long-distance caregivers and their family members.Your mother recently moved to an assisted living community, and you haven’t visited yet. Now that flights are considerably cheaper and the holiday rush is over, you’re thinking of getting tickets and heading out to see her. Although you keep in touch with her on a regular basis, you’re a little nervous about what to do when you see her in person.

Consider these tips for easing the nerves triggered by time and space between long distance caregivers and their family members:

  1. Use a checklist to plan your visit. This one from Easy Living, Inc., a senior care company based in Florida, is a helpful model, offering advice on what to do before and during your visit.
  2. Imagine you’re at Mom’s (because you are). Yes, it’s a different location, but this assisted living apartment has become her home. Treat it that way, and act as you would if you were in the home she lived in for years.
  3. Do something fun together. If you’re concerned about awkward lulls in the conversation, plan an activity. It doesn’t have to be anything complex, and you’ll certainly want to check with Mom on her preferences and comfort level, but watching a movie, enjoying a cup of tea, taking a walk, or looking at old photos together are all good possibilities.


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  1. Don’t forget to ask the Activity Director for suggestions on what to do. They are always great resources.


    on 24 January 2013 / 1:58 PM

  2. Great suggestion! As a former activities director, I completely agree…and they’re often more than happy to help!


    on 28 January 2013 / 9:43 AM


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