Inspiring Creativity in Assisted Living: The 2013 ALFA Art Showcase

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 23 January 2013

Announcing the 2nd annual contest in which senior living residents are invited to submit original artwork for a chance to win. Read on...Another year, another national art showcase open for submissions. Announcing the 2013 contest from the Assisted Living Federation of America, in which senior living residents from across the country are invited to submit photos of original artwork with a chance to win, but more importantly, a chance to highlight “the many ways seniors add beauty to our world,” per a Business Wire press release about the competition. (This year’s theme is Celebrating the Beauty of Life.)

Last year’s overwhelmingly positive response pushed this year’s contest organizers to expand the definition of artistic submissions accepted; according to Monica Devlin, the Art Showcase coordinator, any form of visual art — quilting, doll making, origami — qualifies.

If your mother, grandfather or other senior friend/relative is a creative force to be reckoned with, or has found art to be an inspiring, rejuvenating outlet in their later years, encourage them to submit their work to the ALFA Art Showcase by February 25th. Then, stay tuned to the Showcase Facebook page to cast your vote and find out who the winner is. Head to ALFA.org/art to learn more.

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