Sandy Aftermath: More Seniors Consider Assisted Living

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 14 January 2013

Hurricane Sandy prompted many seniors living at home alone to seek care in assisted living, says an AARP blog post.The death of a spouse. A fall that leads to a fracture. An extended illness or hospital stay. Loneliness. Alzheimer’s. These are a few of the reasons seniors and their families choose a transition to assisted living care; Hurricane Sandy is also responsible.

Seniors living at home alone were among those impacted by the storm that ravaged parts of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut last fall. According to this blog post from AARP.org, the older members of the community are finding recovery more difficult. Says Marion Johnston, age 80, “Sandy revealed an uncomfortable truth: ‘I just can’t be on my own.’ ”

As the storm eroded beaches and caused destruction of homes and businesses without discrimination, it also wore down the defenses of individuals who were clinging to independence by a thread. Per the AARP article, “Prolonged power outages, wrecked homes and flooded streets have helped convince even the most stubborn seniors that they may not be capable of living independently.”

Though some may have preferred to bring in help through a home care provider, the need to rebuild and restore in the midst of day-to-day living is what has pushed many seniors to consider assisted living instead.

As further proof: Atria Senior Living, a national assisted living chain, saw an 18 percent bump in occupancy in the months following the storm.



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