Benefits Checkup: National Programs Helping Seniors

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 10 January 2013

Paying for prescriptions, food, and the monthly utility bills is a challenge for seniors on a fixed income. Sadly, it’s more serious than that: the National Council on Aging estimates that over 13 million older adults “live in or on the edge of poverty.”

Though many longstanding benefit programs helping older Americans seem to be shrinking (i.e. Medicare and Social Security), help is still available — if you know where to look.

Head to BenefitsCheckup.org to make sure you or the seniors you care about are accessing the resources available to them. The site is easy to navigate: visitors can click on the get started now button under the heading, Can I get help? to find out exactly what they qualify for, or they can seek out resources in a specific area, such as paying for food or medicine.

Over $12.7 billion worth of benefits to more than 3 million people: that is the success rate of NCOA’s Benefits Checkup program, and there are likely millions more people unserved and billions more dollars in benefits currently untapped. Check out the site today and share it with a senior you know who may be struggling to make ends meet, or someone who just needs a little bit of assistance that they didn’t know was there.

Your turn: What programs have you discovered that have helped you or a senior you know?



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