Is the Independent Living Life for You?

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 09 January 2013

You’re getting tired of maintaining a house. You’re well past retirement and maybe a little bored; you’d like a more active social life. Your neighborhood isn’t the same; so many of your friends have moved out, or passed away, and it’s mostly young families on the block now. You don’t need a nursing home, yet you may need care someday.

Have you considered independent living? Many seniors choose this setting for the privacy, low-maintenance lifestyle, access to services if and when needed, the opportunities for social interaction, engagement, and personal enrichment, and obviously, the independence.

If you’re not sure whether an independent living community is the right fit for you or someone you know, check out these posts on the topic:


You can also consult our Independent Living Resource Guide, available as a free download, here.



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