Women on Senior Housing Boards Make a Difference

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 08 January 2013

Female leadership on the board of a senior living company/community is good for the diversity stats, but more importantly, good for business. That’s the latest from this article in Senior Housing News, which touts several new reports and recent survey results indicating the positive influence of women in charge.

In the article, Credit Suisse, a leading international financial services group, shared this significant testimony: “In a like-for-like comparison, companies with at least one woman on their board would have outperformed, in terms of share price performance, those with no women on the board over the course of the past six years.” Credit Suisse also says that the healthcare and finance sectors are leading the way in terms of adding more women to their corporate boards.

To further encourage this move towards gender diversity and balance on a corporate board, particularly for senior living communities across the country, Senior Housing News is launching a series, Influential Women in Senior Living. If you work in the senior living industry, or your loved one resides in a community where the boss is a woman and a strong, effective leader (or there are other noteworthy female staff in leadership positions), send your nomination to Alyssa Gerace at this email address: editor[at]seniorhousingnews.com.



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