Hot Topics in Senior Healthcare for 2013

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 07 January 2013

This new article from MedCity News highlights the seven “mega-trends” that will change healthcare as we know it in 2013. Here, we’ll take a closer look at a few that will have an impact on the senior population — whether at home, in assisted living, or beyond:

  • Demographics – The population in the United States is becoming more diverse, and of course, older. These shifts will drive many healthcare trends, disparities, and more, including the senior health and housing support system.
  • Technology — Just about everyone is connected now, including older adults, and as this recent post indicated, more consumers are accessing health data and information online. What does this mean for senior living? Wi-fi will become a necessity, not a luxury, for most prospective residents.
  • Funding – The elephant in just about any room where health care (particularly long-term care) is being discussed is money. As public funding shrinks (i.e. Medicare, Social Security, etc.) and private options like long-term care insurance dwindle, the need for alternative means of payment and support is crucial, especially considering item number 1.


Your turn: Do you work in healthcare? What trends are you seeing in your workplace?



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