Looking Ahead: The Public Image of Senior Housing in 2013

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 31 December 2012

Senior housing has definitely received more attention in recent years, both from the media and the government. Unfortunately, the time in the spotlight has not always been positive, from stories about abuse and neglect in nursing homes and assisted living communities to news of significant cuts and changes in programs like Medicare and Social Security.

Blogger Steve Moran wonders what the coming new year will hold for senior housing’s public image in his new post, How much damage will the government and the media do to senior housing in 2013? He focuses on three key areas: first, he writes about the fiscal cliff and how it will impact the industry. Second, he explains the need for a more positive media perspective when it comes to what assisted living and senior housing is all about (affirmed by this example: the top hits he viewed on a Google news search for assisted living were stories of abuse and violence in that care setting). Finally, he discusses the role of government regulations, many of which are created (or more stringently enforced) in response to negative news stories, although this increased regulatory burden on senior housing providers does not always mean care is better or safer. According to Moran, “We will likely see additional regulation mostly because it is what government does, but I do not see any major shifts either positive or negative.”

Your turn: What positive assisted living stories should the media and government pay attention to in 2013?



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