Age-Friendly Living 101

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 27 December 2012

For seniors residing at home or in a residential community, this quiz from AARP is a helpful tool to evaluate the safety of the living space. There are 10 questions covering issues like lighting and how to improve it, fall prevention tips, professionals who can advise on aging in place needs, the basics of universal design, and more.

As you answer each question, you’ll find guidance on what to do to make the house or apartment safe, accessible, supportive, and comfortable. It’s also a useful piece for caregivers who want to make sure their home is a safe place for their senior loved ones to visit.

One way to implement universal design is through one-floor living: that is, keeping the bedroom, kitchen and bathroom facilities on the ground level, thereby eliminating the need to go up and down the stairs, which can be hazardous for those with mobility or vision impairments. If this is too difficult to accomplish by renovation or construction, many opt for a senior living move.

Another important component of home safety covered in the quiz: maintaining the temperature of the hot water heater to prevent scalding. While this may be harder to manage in a community setting like assisted living, it is likely that a senior in an independent living apartment would have access to temperature control and could control this as needed.

Test your “home fitness” today: take the quiz here.



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