Preparing for the Holiday Weekend: The Senior Care 411

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 21 December 2012

Whether you’re spending this holiday weekend at home or visiting someone in assisted living, give yourself the gift of preparedness.

Of course the hope is for a healthy, crisis-free holiday, but some families may end up spending time in the hospital with a loved one. Health emergencies have a way of disregarding special celebrations and convenient times. It’s best to be ready, no matter what.

An article from Care.com offers the following emergency checklist for seniors and their caregivers. Keep these senior care resources on hand; it wouldn’t hurt to have a mobile version of this list too:

  • Doctors’ names and numbers
  • Medication list (what your loved one is taking and why)
  • Insurance and prescription plan ID/information
  • Basic financial records
  • His/her Social Security Number
  • Emergency contact information (i.e. important people to notify)
  • Contact information for your loved one’s pastor, priest, or other religious leader
  • A clear understanding of DNR (do not resuscitate) orders/advanced directives
  • Legal documents: durable POA (power of attorney) and a health care proxy


If you’re traveling for the holidays and will be in your senior parent’s hometown, get to know what’s there (if you don’t already): the closest hospital/ER, home care agencies, assisted living communities, and a list of neighbors/friends who are willing to help as needed.



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