New Tool Reports on Aging Issues from Australia to Zimbabwe

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 12 December 2012

In the US, we hear most often about the needs of seniors in the US alone. Although the needs of our country’s seniors are great (hunger, dementia, elder abuse), what about the aging population around the world?

Enter Global AgeWatch, a service of Help Age International, which is a global organization dedicated to advocacy and action on behalf of all seniors.

The tool provides up-to-date information and statistics related to life expectancy, care needs, health, policy issues, and more; site visitors will also find blogs that “provide debate and analysis,” and National AgeWatch report cards that “monitor life expectancy and government progress towards meeting the challenges of population ageing through policies, legislation and social pensions.”

At the site’s landing page, you can choose to view a report about any country of interest from A to Z. Want to know what social pension program they offer to seniors in Brazil? How about policies relating to senior care homes in England? Take some time exploring Global AgeWatch and expand your knowledge of seniors’ needs beyond our borders.

Many of us have older relatives that live overseas. How is their home country handling senior issues? What can the US learn from public and private efforts to meet seniors’ needs in other countries?



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