Keeping Senior Living Communities Connected

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 12 December 2012

Many senior living facilities are “gated communities.” Whether they have an actual locked gate out front or not, a good number of assisted living, independent living, and Alzheimer’s care communities are tucked away, separate, with few connections to the outside world. That’s the premise of this recent post from writer Howard Gleckman. He opens the piece stating, “Too often, we stash our elders away in institutional residential care facilities. And, sadly, even many active seniors choose to separate themselves from the broader world, opting for what they see as the safety and security of gated communities.”

While this may be true of some places, there are a significant number of communities that are anything but separate, whose residents are active within the senior living community itself and outside its four walls. (And in Gleckman’s defense, he does talk about some of these exemplary communities.)

These communities and residents set a standard and can serve as a model to others, to prove that assisted living does not have to be a hiding place for seniors, or a place where activities are limited to Bingo and crafts.

Read about these model communities and residents in the following articles:



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