School, or Senior Housing?

By Michelle Seitzer / Posted on 10 December 2012

Creating a senior housing community out of a former school building: this has been a top trend in the industry throughout 2012. Renovation and retrofitting of landmark buildings that have stood vacant for years — from schools, hotels, hospitals, churches and even ski resorts — demonstrates a great use of space, and a preservation of a town’s cultural history, on the part of senior living developers.

A current California project highlighted in a recent Senior Housing News piece continues in this vein, calling for senior housing investors and developers seeking a new opportunity. According to the article, the El Segundo Unified School District is seeking RFPs (request for proposal) on a 5.32 acre site. The project? Transform the elementary school site into a 300-unit senior housing community, which could be comprised of independent living apartments, low-income senior apartments and assisted living units.

Read about the success of similar projects here:


Talk back: What do you think of these redevelopment projects? Has your town or city benefited from such an undertaking?


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